Computer Rental

Computers are essential for quick start or expansion of any business but having high-quality computers in bulk is not always affordable. It causes to invest huge cost in purchasing computers. At Innovative Techcentre, we provide you with branded computers and workstations on a rental basis. Renting computers and workstations helps you to maintain sufficient cash flow for other business requirements. 

Serviced Configuration

We offer customized specification in our computers as per your necessity. We provide our services to IT companies, BPOs, manufacturing industries, start-ups, institutions, and firms.


In basic, we include regular configuration computers with HP, Dell, and Lenovo brands for rental. Our basic category includes intel core i3, i5 or equivalent Duo/ Quad core processors with 4/8 GB RAM. It can be used for basic computing operations.


In the advanced category, our services include little higher configuration computers with HP, Dell and Lenovo brands up to 16 GB RAM with powerful graphics support for higher level simulations.


This category includes computers or workstations with HP, Dell, and Lenovo brands up to 72 GB RAM with NVIDIA, ATI, and AMD graphics. We offer external network support for automatic backup and centralized storage.


Featured Process

We are constantly upgrading our services to meet swinging demands of the market. We provide computers and workstations on a rental basis for as short as one day to as long as you plan. With your requirements, we also offer you renting printers and other input/output devices. Renting with Innovative Techcentre is very easy.

Unique Support

Our motto is complete customer satisfaction. We assist you in order to delivery with support.


Our services are highly flexible in terms of configurations aside than our packages. We also offer a fully customized solution for additional features. With Innovative Techcentre, you can hire single computer or computers in bulk.

Wide Variety Of

As per your requirement, we have various computer brands to satisfy your needs. In our inventory, we have computer and workstations from HP, Dell, Lenovo to Apple computers.

Easy & Reliable Support

We are committed to assisting you in all possible ways, we can. We offer user training, computer installation and support services.

Cost-Effective Solutions

With renting, you are not required to invest money on the timely depreciating asset. With Innovative Techcentre, our services will help you in saving your capital and maintaining effective cash flow in your business.


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